The first Amazon Alexa skill for one of the world’s biggest marketing news publications

The Drum Voice on Alexa

The Drum Voice

 Testing the limits of voice search, The Drum Voice Alexa skill gives you the chance to ask the Drum’s co-founder and editor-in-chief Gordon Young about voice technology, bringing his strong Glaswegian accent right into your living room

The brief

The Drum magazine is a monthly publication aimed at marketing professionals. It’s distributed across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, with over 10,000 readers and an average of 1 million unique users flocking to their website every month.

Their entire July issue centred around voice technology – and they wanted to bring it to life. They’d also just rebranded.

They wanted an Alexa skill to complement their new brand, while enhancing their credentials as a cutting-edge marketing publication.

What we did

We got under the skin of their requirements. We met with The Drum team to hear what they wanted their audience to get out of the skill – and to understand the art of the possible.

The first part was easy – they wanted to deliver their major news stories to their audience who are active on Alexa-enabled devices. But we were both looking for something more compelling – something to capture the quirky nature of The Drum’s new brand.

So we created two skills. The first, a flash briefing, delivered the latest news to Alexa-users via an RSS feed.

The second was more unique – a skill that was a voice technology version of “bonus DVD material.” Readers of the magazine could learn about voice through printed articles, but the Alexa skill gave them more insight and created a bridge between old and new content.

By using pre-recorded answers to a set of questions, users of the skill were able to initiate an ongoing conversation about voice technology with The Drum’s Editor, Gordon Young and hear him explain more in his distinct Scottish brogue.

Gordon Young recording: The Drum Voice

The results

The skills were launched by The Drum as part of their Cannes event in June.

You can now enable both the flash briefing skill and The Drum Voice over on the Amazon skills store, or first, check out Gordon using the skills himself in the videos below…

“We’ve managed to give our magazine a real voice for the first time, and we couldn’t have done it without the Apadmi team. Their knowledge of this technology helped steer our skill in the right direction and shape it into something that now allows our readers to engage with the Drum in a unique way – even personalising it using responses in my voice! Apadmi made the process simple, straightforward and fun – thanks to the whole team for their efforts.”
Gordon Young
Editor-in-Chief, The Drum