Flexible, inspiring childcare for parents. Flexible, fulfilling work for students

Student Nannies

Tailoring childcare to suit parents and students through a streamlined, simple platform which has transformed the current childcare crisis

Where it began

The idea for Student Nannies came about when Tracey and her husband found themselves stuck for childcare. In desperation, they hired a local art student to mind their two children and the trio created amazing craft projects together every week. It was such a good fit, that the idea for Student Nannies was born along with an attempt at targeting the childcare crisis. 

Founder and CEO of Student Nannies, Tracey Blake, was introduced to Apadmi at an investment pitching event where Apadmi came up in conversation. 

After meeting with Apadmi Ventures CEO, Howard Simms, the partnership was born and Apadmi became their investment partner, with Howard on-board as Non Executive Director. 

When we met Student Nannies they were initially looking to grow their user base. They had a primary version of the site that has been developed by a third-party technology provider which took them to market.

What we did

After coming on board, we determined that the initial solution they had developed would struggle to scale and support the expected user base. We outlined a plan to migrate key elements of the site to a more scalable solution.

They had the vision to create a high quality experience at each stage of the childcare process and with the solution already out in the market, their team could review feedback from Parents and Students in real-time.

The next goal was to add the book and pay function into the system. This would support the next stage of growth and lay the foundations to deliver more value throughout the whole booking process. Together we identified a new commission based model in addition to the current subscription service to provide flexibility for users in how they interact with the service.

We also provided Tracey and her team with board-level expertise and introduced her to several early-stage investors. 

Where are they now?

Student Nannies first launched in London and is now available nationwide. They have recently launched their second campaign in Manchester in October 2019 and amassed over 300 student sign-ups in the first few weeks. 

As part of their now long-term aim to deliver more value to users, the team have recently updated their website with a package of safety features which ensures that all students which are booked and paid through the platform have been ID checked, background checked and interviewed.