Talk more, date better. A dating app that encourages engagement


This market-disrupting dating app wants its users to talk more and funnily enough, use JigTalk less…by dating in real life
£500k plus
in funding secured
10k users
amassed in just a few weeks

Where it began

Co-founders Alex Durrant and Max Adamski had already been let down by their previous technology provider when they came to us. Recommended to us through our network of contacts, they were looking for a strategic technology partner that could help them re-build their revolutionary new app set to challenge the dating world.

It wasn’t only clear that we could help them, but we were bowled over by their passion, admiring their drive and determination. We came on-board in 2017 to help them make it happen with the support of our ventures arm.

What we did

Our technical team conducted initial bug-fixing on the previous variant by a third-party technology provider. We then went right back to the beginning, re-building the app as well as their back-end server solution to allow them to launch with a robust, high-quality technology solution in place.

It was crucial to ensure care was taken at every stage of the build if it was to become the market disruptor that Alex and Max wanted: a gamified dating app that starts every new conversation with 16 jigsaw pieces covering the pair’s faces. Only by finding out more about the other person will the pieces fall away to reveal your potential partner.

Alongside building the software, we provided them with board-level expertise and introduced them to several early-stage technology investors.


Where are they now?

With the prototype, JigTalk were able to validate the market, and amassed over 10k users for the app in just a few weeks.

So far, the JigTalk team have raised almost half a million pounds of investment, and in 2017 became the first UK start-up to be accepted into Nasdaq’s Entrepreneurial Centre in San Francisco.

You can find out more about JigTalk over on their website.